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Blue Vervain (2 fl. oz.) (ko)
Product ID: 3160-8
Manufacturer: Nature's Sunshine
Blue Vervain (2 fl. oz.) (ko) Discounts Apply !
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List Price: $29.65
Price: $19.75
Gentle stimulant for debility and weakness.
A little bit of everything without being too much of anything. Verbena hastata Blue vervain has been around since Hippocrates used it as a safe "universal remedy", but is gentle enough to get less attention than the more powerful herbs.
It has so many seemingly unrelated benefits and properties that you wouldn't believe it if I put them all down.
For instance, it is both a stimulant and relaxant.
It is considered an alternative to Lobelia. Large doses may induce vomiting.
The general character, however, seems to be gradually revitalizing to the aged and weak.
Blue vervain contains "glycosides with parasympathetic mimicking activity,"... "extrapolating from its proven parasympathetic properties it should have a normalizing or stabilizing effect" (on circulation problems - The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine). The parasympathetic system regulates all involuntary body functions.
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